Dr Parul  at Indian Fertility Society

Dr Parul at Indian Fertility Society

Dr Parul Sehgal , IVF Incharge of Maharaja Agrasen infertility and ART centre at the 4th floor of hospital ,  was invited as a faculty at 6th National conference of Indian fertility society on Infertility and Assisted Reproductive technologies held at Nagpur on 20th November 2010,  to present a talk on the role of Assisted reproductive techniques in Endometriosis . Endometriosis is a disease of females of reproductive age group and it has a damaging effect on the fertility of a women. It is a slowly progressive painful disease where   there are focal points of endometrial tissue outside the uterus on the ovary, tubes and other structure of abdomen which leads to monthly haemorrhages from that tissue and as a result there is damage to healthy ovaries and destruction of anatomy of pelvis. Classic symptoms are pain with or without menses, heavy bleeding during menses . It can be detected by ultrasound but if very small can be easily missed, in that case woman may have to undergo laparoscopy to confirm the disease.  Why IVF is required in these women is because of the fact that as this disease is never cured fully and it keeps on progressing so with passing time slowly the woman loses the capacity of giving birth to babies. IVF technique has an advantage of making more than one healthy eggs which are fertilized with husbands sperm outside the body and the developing embryo is then transferred in the woman’s uterus for further growth as a normal baby. IVF helps saving the precious time and is the ultimate treatment to many females who are suffering from this disease. Important message is that a woman who is suffering from endometriosis and who has had surgeries for cyst removal should go for IVF as early as possible.

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